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The whitewater of Wind River Canyon

Wind River Canyon Whitewater & Fly Fishing

Owners & Guide Staff

Pedro – Co-Owner;  Big D – Co Owner

Robbie Wieman: Head Fishing Guide
Bill Paju: Fishing Guide
Hank Hunker: Fishing Guide
Hank Welles: Fishing Guide
Brock Boettcher: Fishing Guide
Paul Collamer: Fishing Guide

Marco Piazzi-VonOsten: Fishing & Whitewater Guide
Cody Sorenson: Fishing & Whitewater Guide
Cale Hinkle: Fishing & Whitewater Guide

Candice Hudson: Head Whitewater Guide
Yvonne Hartman: Whitewater Guide

Jen Bishop: Shop Manager/Shuttle/Photos
Misti Newby: Whitewater Shop/Shuttle/Photos
Ronnie Gillespie: Whitewater Shop/Shuttle/Photos