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The whitewater of Wind River Canyon

About Wind River Canyon Whitewater & Fly Fishing

An Environmentally Conscious Outfitter

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Wind River Canyon Whitewater & Fly Fishing, located in Thermopolis Wyoming, is a unique outdoor company. While we offer exciting whitewater trips and outstanding guided trout fishing, our mission at Wind River Canyon Whitewater & Fly Fishing is simple:  To provide a professional guide service in anWind River Canyon in winter. environmentally conscientious manner.

As a 100% Native American owned company operating since 1992, we are pleased to be able to offer a unique service in an area on the Wind River Indian Reservation that is protected by the resource conservation policies of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Indian Tribes. This approach allows access to and enjoyment of our wilderness and its beauty, while minimizing the environmental impact and protecting our precious natural resources. Wind River Canyon Whitewater & Fly Fishing is strongly committed to participating in this approach, allowing guests to enjoy this beautiful and priceless resource while protecting it from overuse.

Our river trips will take you through a canyon unlike any other with its rich history and stunning views of towering cliffs and some of the oldest exposed geological formations found in the United States. In addition to the amazing scenery in Wind River Canyon, don’t forget to watch for the abundant wildlife. The variety of animals we encounter range from the majestic Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep often seen grazing on the steep hillsides, to the tiny Mink running along the river’s edge, and a wide variety of waterfowl. Whether you are looking to fish for trophy trout or to experience some of the most amazing scenery & best whitewater rafting in Wyoming, we welcome you to the Wind River Canyon.

About the Wind River Reservation

The Wind River Indian Reservation is located in west central Wyoming and is home to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Tribes. The reservation which is approximately 2.5 million acres was established by treaty in 1868 and is governed jointly by the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho joint business council. There are approximately 8,000 members of the Northern Arapaho tribe and 3,500 members of the Eastern Shoshone tribe.

The reservation is bordered on the west by the stunning peaks of the Wind River Mountains. The high peaks of the Wind Rivers serve as the headwaters of the many streams in the Wind River Valley, then slope off eastward to become high plains desert filled with sagebrush and incredible wide open vistas. The magnificent Wind River Canyon runs along the northeastern border of the reservation. Wind River Canyon Whitewater & Fly Fishing is the exclusive permit holder operating in the canyon under an official outfitters’ permit from the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Business Council. The Wind River Reservation is truly a treasure. We welcome you to visit and share in its history, beauty, and cultural uniqueness.

Environmentally Sound, Guided Fishing Trips

“We are on the side of the fish…”

At Wind River Canyon Whitewater & Fly Fishing, we feel strongly that it is our responsibility to be mindful of the environment and we are continuously looking for ways to increase our participation in sound resource management and protection. It is this philosophy that guides us in our business. A wise person once told us “Hey, someone has to be on the side of the fish.” For the past 15 years we have had a self imposed policy limiting the number of guided fishing trips Riverside relaxation in Wind River no more than two fishing boats on any section of the river per day. We are on the side of the fish. This is intended primarily to reduce pressure on the fishery while also allowing our guests a unique angling experience. It is our dedication to protect this magnificent fishery through responsible use that makes us a unique company.

We practice catch-and-release fishing and we only allow the use of artificial tackle on our guided trips. We request that our guests use barb-free hooks or remove any barb(s) on hooks which are not barb-free. We do not allow the use of treble hooks of any type on our trips. We believe that these practices promote a decrease in injuries to fish and result in an increased survival rate of the fish which are caught & released. We are strongly committed to protect this beautiful river and its resident trout. In addition, we feel that the practices we have implemented and utilize play a significant factor in allowing the incredible fish that inhabit this fishery to remain strong and healthy.

Unique Whitewater Trips on a Unique River

The Wind River, one of many beautiful rivers in the state of Wyoming, is a unique river for many reasons. It is one of the few rivers which truly flows north for a portion of its journey, as it heads north it becomes the Bighorn, which then joins the Yellowstone, which then joins the Missouri and ends in the mighty MississippiWind River Canyon is home to some of the most exciting whitewater in Wyoming. River.

Wind River Canyon Whitewater is in a unique position to be the solely licensed and permitted outfitter allowed to offer professionally guided trips in the Wind River Canyon. We consider it a privilege to operate under this permit, and within the outfitting system set forth by the Joint Business Council of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Tribes. This outfitting permit system is based on the notion of sound resource management and environmental protection. Therefore, we feel that it is our responsibility to take all necessary steps to protect and not overuse this precious resource. It is our goal on all of our whitewater trips to minimize the impact on the river and its resident wildlife. While we offer daily trips on the river, we work to ensure that we leave no noticeable negative impact on the river or at our riverside lunch campsite. In addition we use recyclable materials where possible in our entire operation. From our full day whitewater lunch trips to our guided fishing trips we are committed to doing our part to protect and preserve the environment for future generations to enjoy.

We offer three different whitewater trips and a scenic trip which is a beautiful and relaxing float. These different trips offer something for everyone, from a mild float trip, to some of the best whitewater action in the west, and one even includes a superb riverside BBQ lunch.